Any Way You Slice It

with Melody

Leveling Up! You will increase your skill and practice in double sword handling.  In this workshop we will review the inertia break practice to accommodate the added weight, integrate slow FCBD® vocabulary, added dialect and embellishments. You will learn to master timing on blenders, threading the needle, and release technique.

FCBD® On The Edge

with Melody

New to sword dance or just need the practice?  In this workshop we will focus on sword handling fundamentals, balance awareness and inertia break practices while incorporating slow FCBD® vocabulary and dialect embellishments. The foundation of sword dance begins here. 

Slice and Dice Extension

with Melody

Ready for a challenge?!?  I have a surprise for you! I crafted this workshop to include many of my favorite dance steps over the years to fit the aesthetic style of the FCBD® Vocabulary Slow and Fast combos to spice up your performances.  These moves have cues and can also be used without props and in choreography. The choice will be yours!

A Little Bit of Spice

with Jesse

Tessera is known for putting their creative spin on existing movements within the FCBD®Style vocabulary. In this workshop, we’ll review and explore the fast and slow movements that we’ve amped up! 

Tessera Shawl Dialect

with Jesse

Explore how the use of a shawl can enhance the visual richness of your dance, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of synchronized movements. Bring a shawl wide enough to cover your shoulders and hold with your arms stretched to the side. No specific style is required, but we created the dialect for use with the wonderful Muysca Knots. 

Tessera Trios

with Jesse

In this workshop, we’ll dive into Tessera's speciality movements for trios, where coordination, communication, and camaraderie take center stage. Let’s push the boundaries of this popular formation, creating a visually vibrant experience for the audience. 

Work that Skirt - Basic Technique and Steps

with Krisztina

Your amazing skirts don't just have to be part of your costume, they can be a prop to add a new dynamic to your dance. Krisztina has long been known for her beautiful skirt-work and now she will teach you how to take many Classic and Modern FCBD® Style steps and add a new level to them with skirt moves. You will also learn a few of Krisztina's signature steps that she has adapted to fit into the FCBD® Style format.  

*For those who attend all 3 Work that Skirt workshops, 6 total hours of instruction, you will be presented with a L1 Foundations Certificate in the Work that Skirt FCBD Style format.

Work that Skirt - Fast Steps

with Krisztina

Build on the skills you learned in the Basic Techniques class by adding many more fast steps and techniques to your growing Work that Skirt FCBD® Style vocabulary.

Work that Skirt - Formations

with Krisztina

Now that you have learned all the basics and many fast steps let's put them together and really dance them.  In this workshop you will learn: transitions between steps, entering and exiting the chorus, formations, turning the wheel, and spacing.

FCBD®Style Basics

with Naja

Whether you need to re-introduce yourself to FCBD®Style or want to reinforce your basics with dancers you might not have ever met, this is the perfect class.

Lashes and Flashes - Eyelashes, Glitter and Stones

with Richard

This class will be all about the flash - learning how to apply lashes correctly so that they will stay put and not impact your comfort zone, and different methods of applying glitter, sparkling powders and rhinestones.  Please bring your makeup kits (we'll do a quick eye makeup first so that you have the entire experience and a good foundation), false lashes, glue (I believe that Duo Clear is best, easily found at CVS, Meijer, and Walgreens), a towel, mirror and makeup remover, plus any sparkle that you'd like to play with.  I will bring glitters, highlighters of various sorts, rhinestones and different types of adhesives for you to try.